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Published: 03-07-2022

Good News!

Departamento de Cardiologia e Cirurgia Cardiovascular da Faculdade de Medicina de São José do Rio Preto, São José do Rio Preto (SP) - Famerp, Brazil
Departamento de Nutrologia da Faculdade de Medicina Fundação Padre Albino – Catanduva (SP) - Fameca, Brazil


The International Journal of Nutrology (IJN) brings good news!

Connected with the exponential advancement of knowledge in the areas of Health and seeking to contribute to the dissemination of this knowledge, starting with this issue, IJN will publish its articles entirely in English.

It is already well known that articles published in the English language are significantly more likely to be read and cited by other authors, thus expanding the web of communications.

This possibility is advantageous for IJN since one focus on obtaining insertion among the most prominent indexing bases.

With this new and vital step, we hope to be taking another action to contribute to our future indexations and improve IJN to the top of best international journals, benefits our authors, readers, and collaborators.

Good reading!

The Editors


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Godoy, M. F. de, & Ribas Filho, D. (2022). Good News!. International Journal of Nutrology, 14(1), 1.