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International Journal of Nutrology

Direct marketing

Dear readers, authors, and collaborators of International Journal of Nutrology,

It is with a commitment to transparency, integrity, and respect for our readers, authors, and stakeholders that we declare our approach to any direct marketing activity carried out on behalf of International Journal of Nutrology.

Any direct marketing activity on behalf of the magazine will be conducted in an appropriate, well-directed, and discreet manner. Our goal is to provide useful and relevant information to readers, authors, and stakeholders, always respecting their privacy and interests.

All information provided about the publisher or magazine is expected to be true and accurate. We do not tolerate the dissemination of information that may mislead our readers or authors. We are committed to being transparent in all communications, ensuring that the information provided is reliable and honest.

Direct marketing activities will be carried out with due respect for the privacy of the recipients. We will not share personal information without explicit consent, and we ensure that any communication is relevant to the individual interests and needs of the recipients.

We will give recipients the option to opt out of receiving future direct marketing communications. We respect the individual choice of our readers and authors regarding the communications they receive from the magazine.

This statement reflects our commitment to conducting direct marketing activities in an ethical, transparent, and responsible manner. We are aware of the importance of maintaining the trust and respect of our community, and we constantly work to ensure that all practices are aligned with these principles.

We thank you for your continued trust in our journal and encourage any feedback or concerns regarding our direct marketing practices.

Yours sincere,


Dr. Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, MSc. Ph.D., Postdoctoral
Specialist at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.
International Journal of Nutrology