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Published: 18-05-2023

Medical Ethics in Nutrology

Clinical Coordinator of the Multidisciplinary Nutritional Therapy Team (EMTN) at Hosp. Santa Genoveva and the Hospital and Maternidade Municipal from Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil / Master and Researcher at the Faculty of Medicine of São José do Rio Preto (FAMERP), São Paulo, Brazil / Professor of Nutrology at the Medical Course at the University of Uberaba (UNIUBE), Minas Gerais, Brazil
Medical ethics Nutrology Diet Fasting Body vanity


Few medical specialties have aroused as much interest as Nutrology in these post-modern times of beauty and slimming at any cost. Medical Schools need to make an effort to raise the awareness of future physicians on this issue, which is so sensitive today: Ethics in Medicine.


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