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Published: 05-31-2024

Individualized parenteral nutrition guideline: the challenge of trace elements

Santa Genoveva Mater Dei Hospital, Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, Brazil / Faculty of Medicina of São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
Individualized nutrition Parenteral nutrition Trace elements


Parenteral nutrition (PN) is one of the pharmacological therapies that makes it possible to save lives previously condemned to death. PN entered clinical practice in the mid-1960s and was one of the most important advances in medicine after the discovery of anesthetics, antibiotics, and antisepsis methods. PN, however, is not without risks, as it is considered a high-alert medication that involves a significant risk of harm when used incorrectly. PN is the most complex existing pharmacological preparation with 20 to 40 active ingredients, the process of its application being transdisciplinary and its safety dependent on individual competence and reliable performance in each of its stages. The correct, individualized, and safe prescription of trace elements represents one of the biggest challenges in this process.


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Barbosa, C. de L. (2024). Individualized parenteral nutrition guideline: the challenge of trace elements. International Journal of Nutrology, 17(2).