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Published: 2021-11-05

Effects of functional foods in diabetic patients: a systematic review

Doctor of the State Government of Rondônia, Brazil / Doctor at the Municipality of Porto Velho, Rondônia, Brazil
ABRAN- Associação Brasileira de Nutrologia /Brazilian Association of Nutrology, Catanduva, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Diabetes Mellitus type 2 Functional food Nutrition


The control of Type II Diabetes Mellitus is directly related to the dietary profile, so an adequate diet for this group of patients must be implemented as soon as possible. But what foods can we use to facilitate glycemic and insulin control? Therefore, this study aims to systematically review the literature on the effects of functional foods in diabetic patients. Method: Systematic review of randomized clinical trials published between 2014 and 2021. Using as descriptors: Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (Diabetes Mellitus Type 2), Functional Food. Results: Of the 566 articles found, 65 articles were selected, which passed the PEDro scale of methodological quality, and 11 articles were included. Of which they addressed different functional foods and their effects on different variables in diabetic patients. It can be concluded that several foods have beneficial effects on glycemic and insulin control in diabetic patients. Still, as a benefit, they had side effects in controlling dyslipidemia, blood pressure, and BMI.


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